Traveler’s tips


The hotel is located at an elevation of 3260 meters.

First aid

The hotel staff is trained in first aid and the use of oxygen..

Comfortable walking shoes

We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes so you can move about the hotel’s 24 hectares and descend to the river upon the rock-covered pathway.


Bring light clothing for the day, since it can be very hot, and warm clothing for nights.


Bring your swimsuit since the hotel has an outdoor pool for swimming and smaller, plunge pools on the private terraces in each cabin.

Solar radiation

Bring a hat and sunglasses since the solar radiation is quite high.


We recommend using the sunscreen that we provide in each of the cottages.


Bring a camera and a camcorder.


There is WiFi service and a business center at the hotel.


There is a small library with general interest books and table games at the hotel.

The weather is dry

The weather is dry, so you should drink plenty of water and use the lotion we provide in each cottage.

Lip balm

You should use lip balm with sunscreen.