La Cruz Lookout Point: El Señor de los Andes (The Lord of the Andes)

Condors are a symbol of Hanan Pacha, which in the Andean world view means “the world above”. These magnificent birds soar between the canyon walls, and they get an early start when the morning sun begins to heat the air at the bottom of the valley.

We will leave the hotel at 7:15 A.M. and pass through the towns of Achoma, Maca, and Pinchollo on the way to the Cruz del Condor, which is located at a point where we can see to a depth of 1200 meters into the canyon. It is also a prime spot for observing the majestic flight of the bird locally known as the Lord of the Andes. After a brief pause at the lookout point, we will continue onwards to the Tapay lookout to see towns far-off in the canyon, like San Juan de Chuccho, Coshñirhua, and Malata.

After this experience, we will return to the hotel, but along the way we will stop at two other observation points: Antahuilque and Choquetico, to see the Lagunas Misteriosas (Mysterious Lakes), Tumbas Colgantes (hanging tombs), and the Maqueta de Piedra (a stone artifact that shows the layout of the surrounding terraces); we will also visit the village of Maca which boasts the lovely Santa Ana Church and a domesticate eagle named Juan el Bueno (Good John).

Duration: 4 hours