The legacy of the Collaguas (Trekking)

The Colca Valley boasts incredible landscapes and archeological sites, as well, traces left by the Collaguas. We will begin our trek from the hotel on route to Yanque, following a path bordered by eucalyptus trees. Once we reach this traditional town, we will continue onwards to Sifon Bridge, where we will get the best view of the collcas, a type of Pre-Incan food storehouse.

Next, we will cross the bridge and walk to the right side of the valley. There are plenty of birds to see along the way, especially the giant hummingbird.

The path then turns uphill until reaching the Uyo Uyo ruins, a Pre-Hispanic site that is in an excellent state of conservation, in which the narrow alleyways and rooms are still preserved.

The Colca Valley is a canvass upon which our ancestors depicted their advanced knowledge of land use, in particular the construction of Pre-Incan hillside terraces for agricultural purpose that can be seen throughout the valley. We will soon make our way to the Yanque hot springs, the visit of which is optional. Return to the hotel.

Duration: Roughly 3 hours

Level: Intermediate