Adventure within the canyon (Trekking)

We will get an early start, eating a light breakfast and then leaving the hotel for our ultimate destination: Cabanaconde, with our first pause being the Cruz del Condor lookout point, a great place for observing the flight of this magnificent bird with a 3 meter wingspan.

We will continue to the Tapay lookout point, from where we can see some of the towns scattered about the canyon. And what a sense of peace comes over us as we look about the valley below.

Once we arrive at Cabanaconde, we will descend to the canyon floor, amazed by the different settings we pass through. Our stopping point is Sangalle, also called the Oasis since it is an edenesque site, filled with palm and fruit trees. Here is where we will take a break and eat a delicious box lunch. Afterwards, we will climb out of the canyon on mules and return to the hotel.

Duration: Full day

Level: Advanced