Casitas del Colca has prepared, especially for you, a series of activities to make your stay entertaining and unparalleled, without having to leave the premises.

The cost of these activities is included in the price of your lodgings.

We recommend starting out with an easy morning stroll to the organic garden, where the gardeners are always willing to share their knowledge with you. You can even lend a hand in picking some produce for your dinner.

For our smallest guests, they will be taught to identify the different plants and grasses by creating their own herbarium.

As you walk this pathway, you will eventually find your way to the barn and stable, and once there you can give a bottle of milk to some of our baby alpacas.

We boast a lovely ecological paths within this marvelous setting upon which you are guaranteed a majestic view of the valley.

We also recommend taking a break in the midst of the eucalyptus forest on one of the comfortable benches found at any of the lookout points from where you can contemplate the wonder that is the canyon below.

However, if you are looking for a little more adventure, then you can descend to the river by way of a trail.

For the expert or the novice fisherman, we have rods and tackle for trying your hand at catching a tasty trout from either the river or one of the ponds. Later on, it can be prepared for your dinner.

You can choose to feast upon it at either the restaurant or the BBQ area, surrounded by creeks and trout ponds.

In the afternoons, the chef will share some of his kitchen secrets for preparing different foods using Peruvian ingredients like quinoa and alpaca meat. You can always accompany these delectables with a Pisco Sour that you make after having been taught how by our bar tender.

You may also explore your artistic side, asking for an easel, canvas, and paints to be set up in the corner of the grounds you like best. There, you can begin painting to your heart’s content, taking your inspiration from the lovely setting that surrounds you.

With the last rays of sunlight painting the sky as the sun sets for the day, you can ask for an intimate campfire to be built in the area specially designed for it. We have installed comfortable chairs with pillows and blankets where you can get comfortable in front of the warm fire to do some moon and star gazing.

For the littlest ones, there is a playground next to the barnyard.